City of Red Bud, IL!

Mar.31, 2014

News and Announcements

Burning Rules

If you choose to burn yard waste and compost materials, please comply with local ordinances regulating this activity.

  1. Burning is only permitted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from sunrise to sunset.

  2. Burning in city streets and gutters is NOT permitted.

  3. Burning of anything other than yard waste and compost materials is prohibited.

  4. Compost bags are a nice alternative to burning. Please see the News Briefs section for more information.


The City of Red Bud is currently looking for individuals to fill a part-time Animal Control Warden Position. Applications for the position can be picked up at City Hall, 200 East Market Street, Red Bud, IL. For more information about the position, please contact Police Chief Dan Brotz at 618.282.6118



A new trail is under construction at Lincoln Park. The trail will connect SKK subdivision to Lincoln Park and will also connect Lincoln Park to Locust Street. The project intially was set for completion no later than May 18, 2014, but because of rain dates, additional time has been permitted.